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Online marketing and advertising have evolved a lot in the last few years as a result of the advent of social networking and Smartphones. Today, far more people are participating in e commerce and digital online advertising became as mainstream Stadium for the brand owners to exhibit and market their brands, services, and products. Marketing tendencies keep changing every past year and 2017 will be no different. Complying with the latest tendencies is very important as the new tendencies are based on also the policies laid out by Google and Bing, also the most significant search engines and the largest Digital marketing and advertising platforms. 

Our list is established on the reports by Local Search engine optimization Services and even from a well known Online Marketing Company. Video Ads: With Google eventually accepting SERP established Video Ads, the video advertisements segment is forecast to grow manifold this year. With YouTube being the master participant behind video ads, Facebook and Bing will also be providing users the options to add movie ads on their own platforms. Thus, we might see a rise in the video based advertisements and if you're a marketer, then you must determine the chances that you have in this respect. Mobile Ads: With mobile cell phones completely phasing out desktops, mobile advertisements may have a higher impact this year. 

Businesses have to begin generating ad campaigns for mobile web sites and applications and all the online marketers need to carefully analyze the chance and catch it. Mobile ad agencies are growing at a much faster pace now than ever before and marketers believe that Pay per click and CPA advertisements for desktop sites is going to break off early and mobile advertisements are going to dominate also the market from 2016 onwards. Social Media: Although social network isn't a brand new trend, however, this trend is likely to keep growing this year too. With the users' number increasing every day mainly due to also the coverage of internet increasing in rural areas, a firm may easily find the targeted audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whatsapp marketing and advertising is another growing trend wherein a chain message is passed on to also the users so as to create a buzz. With all of these methods being used, we may easily hope for greater exposure for also the marketers on also the social network platform this year. Apps: Although there are a couple of years before we see applications completely phasing out web sites, the significance of having dedicated mobile applications is increasing every day.

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